Welcome to Return to Gilead!

A review podcast for Down Gilead Lane, hosted by longtime audio drama fans Michael LaFaver and Ryan Matlock.

We’re going episode by episode through this audio drama masterpiece to see what makes it the greatest.

Who are we?

Return to Gilead was started by Michael LaFaver (AIO Audio News, The AIOWiki Podcast) and Ryan Matlock (The EntrePUNeur, The Aux Cable, The Odyssey ScoopCast) on March 21, 2022. The show is a fan podcast for Down Gilead Lane, a family audio drama that ran for 164 episodes over 9 years. Michael and Ryan have been reviewing every one. Originally released three times a week, the two hosts discuss an episode of the series for a 25-minute podcast, bringing up analyses of writing, comments on sound design and music, thoughts on the actors, and debates about themes and narratives. The podcasting duo also invites a member of the cast and crew to join at the end of every season for an interview! The final season of Return to Gilead will be released in early 2024 wherever podcasts are found.

Michael LaFaver
Ryan Matlock

The Eras of Return to Gilead

Era 1

The first era of Return to Gilead covered Seasons 1 to 4 of Down Gilead Lane. Michael and Ryan discussed the secrets surrounding Grace Andrews, the introduction of Ms. Kopek, the first special episodes of the show, and much more!

Era 2

The first half of the second era of Return to Gilead covered Seasons 5 and 6, the ending of Beth Culp’s Down Gilead Lane. These reviews focused on the new storylines after the end of the Secrets of Grace, huge character development for Becca Taylor and Caleb Richter, and the full potential of Beth’s marvelous writing for Gilead.

In the second half of the second era, the podcast shifted to a more critical view of the series as Down Gilead Lane became the rebranded Beyond Gilead. Seasons 7 and 8 of the show brought some of the highest highs and the lowest lows with the new direction of Lori Twichell, John Fornof, and W. Mark Whitlock.

Era 3

The third era of Return to Gilead has been by far the most difficult series of episodes to review. Michael and Ryan have attempted to give fair analyses of Seasons 9 through 12 of Beyond Gilead, at times taking months-long hiatuses. The process has been worth it for the two hosts leading into the Peace of Heaven saga and the conclusion of Gilead.

See here for the full Return to Gilead: Eras 1 and 2a OST!

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Check out the DGLWiki! Still a work in progress, the Down Gilead Lane Wiki is a compilation of information about the Down Gilead Lane audio drama series, from Seasons 1 to 12. Take a look around the site, or request an account to edit yourself!

Listen to legacy DGL podcasts

ReturnToGilead.com now hosts an archived version of the official site for the Coleraine Connection Funcast! The Funcast was the official podcast for Beyond Gilead Seasons 9 through 12, and all 48 episodes can be heard by clicking the button below or by going to ReturnToGilead.com/Funcast!

On November 6, 2022, Daniel Gray and Dave Brown removed the Slow Walk Down Gilead Lane, their “official” fan podcast for Down Gilead Lane from 2010 to 2012, from all circulation online. The podcast was very influential in the DGL fanbase in the early 2010’s and provided many insights about the show from the hosts as well as Steve O’Dell and Lori Twichell, who were regular guests for the first three seasons.

Download sheet music

By special request, we have provided sheet music for Michael LaFaver’s arrangements of John Campbell’s score for Down Gilead Lane and Red Rock Mysteries used in the wraparounds for Return to Gilead! See below for downloads.

Purchase Seasons of Gilead

You can buy CDs and MP3 downloads of Down Gilead Lane, Beyond Gilead, and Red Rock Mysteries from Keys for Kids’ official site: shop.KeysForKids.org.

Highlighted Reviews

An enjoyable listen!
I grew up an avid Adventures in Odyssey fan and had heard bits and pieces of Down Gilead Lane on the radio growing up, but never listened to the entire series. I always liked what I heard from DGL and recently bought the entire series and have begun listening through it for the first time. I am really enjoying the episodes, as well as listening to Return to Gilead as I finish each episode of DGL. Michael and Ryan’s discussions are always interesting, entertaining, and have great humor throughout. Return to Gilead has been a great companion as I listen through the series for the first time!

★★★★★ NCut4, 11/08/2022

A Must-Listen for DGL Fans
Michael and Ryan are great hosts in any podcast. Hearing new fans enjoy Down Gilead Lane and discuss the greatness of the show is a joy to hear. The podcast also includes some very insightful interviews that make the podcast all the better. Thanks Michael and Ryan for helping revive the DGL fandom!

★★★★★ Austin, 10/18/2022

I’m loving the journey
This is a great podcast analyzing DGL. I don’t have anybody in my life I can talk about the show with because I’m the only one in my family who has listened to all of the seasons. It’s great to be able to listen to Michael and Ryan’s conversations about the episodes and I love being connected with other fans of the show through this podcast. The interviews are really cool too. Keep up the good work Michael and Ryan.

★★★★★ Emily, 9/28/2022

Another Stellar Podcast from Michael and Ryan
As an avid Adventures in Odyssey fan, I was already subscribed to the Odyssey Scoopcast and AIO Audio News. I had heard of Down Gilead Lane, but it was only mentioned and never explained. When I saw that you guys had started a podcast for DGL, I immediately HAD to listen. And, as always, I was delighted to hear the high quality, insightful comments from Michael and Ryan. Of course, it’s also your fault that I may have to bite the bullet and just buy the complete series on thumb drive (Thanks, guys 😜). In conclusion, thank you for making my morning drives to class worthwhile!

★★★★★ noahBroWn, 3/30/2022

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